Swiss Replica Paul Picot "Gentleman", a watch for gentlemen.

It is suitable for business occasions.It is simple, replica hublot atmospheric and practical. But when all the formal watches have these characteristics, it is not so easy to choose a different one. The Paul Picot Dreamer series from Switzerland has launched a business casual P4104.SG.1021.1106 mechanical men's watch, also known as "Gentleman". This watch abandons the craftsmanship that Paul Picot is proud of, simple and restrained, and the price of about 10,000 yuan is a good choice for business people who are calm and tasteful in the city.

The Gentleman is an automatic mechanical men's watch with a 40mm dial. 10.3mm thickness.The design of the dial is a typical business style: the date display + the big three-pin, the white dial uses the imitation porcelain surface technology to make the dial reflect evenly. At the same time, the scales are beautifully made, and the Roman numerals are displayed instead of the mainstream Arabic numerals. The unique and clear reading time is in line with the consumer's functional appeal to the business dressing table.

Gentleman's crown is a toothed crown with a screw-in type waterproofing head that needs to be rotated to a certain position before it automatically pops up. A light pull is a date adjustment, and then pulling out a level is an hour hand adjustment. It combines aesthetics, practicality and water resistance. On the other side of the case, the Gentleman nameplate is inlaid. This is also the famous design concept of the Paul Picot Dreamer series: a simple nameplate identifies different identities.

Gentleman's case is made of 316L stainless steel. This material is skin-friendly, durable and corrosion-resistant. The mirror is made of anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, which has high hardness and clarity. As long as it is not intentionally bumped, it will not leave scratches. In terms of the strap, Paco fake watches has equipped the Gentleman original with a American alligator strap, which is soft in texture and even in gloss. On the back of the dial, a bottomless design is used, and the Paco mark is placed on the ground and the scales are polished in the inner ring.

The Paul Picot Dreamer series P4104.SG.1021.1106 is practical, low-key, decisive and concise, and lacks a little bit of gorgeousness. The price of about 10,000 yuan is the first choice for white-collar workers who enjoy certain living standards.