Replica Epos' Romantic Star Moon and Alpine Peaks

Over the years, Aibo has always insisted on its unique artistic formula, constantly bringing surprises and emotions to those who love it, not just the well-known romantic stars and the three peaks of the Alps.

The name "above the dome" comes from its arc-shaped sapphire crystal design, replica rolex superior skill and fine workmanship, giving the case a cobblestone-like smooth and smooth feel. Another classic element is the “cross-grain” design of the dial. It is solemn, elegant and simple. It has been applied to the design in the pocket watch period and is prevalent. This watch has a minimalist retro charm. In addition to the lake blue, it also offers a moonlight silver style with a cowhide or steel strap.

If you want to have fun in your life,your wrists will have a touch of green. Aibao this three-dimensional hollow watch, using three-dimensional concept design, through the disassembly and combination of the watch body and the case, can be worn in front and back, can be used as a pocket watch, can also be placed on the countertop to make a clock, so that the wearer has more than one watch Wear, show different styles. In addition to this green circle, it also offers all-ash, grey circles and all-steel models.

Can you see what is special about this watch? Hollow? Well, the openwork design with beautifully carved elements is indeed a highlight of this watch. And the most attractive thing is that the movement is reversed, and there is no bold attempt by the ancients, so that the finely crafted movement becomes the eye-catching protagonist on the dial, and the small second hand flipped to the back is at the bottom of the table. . Being good at hollowing out, I dare to show the soul of the watch to the wearer. This is the solar terms of the watchmaker Aibo.

Did you see the circular window that was open at the top of the dial? For a watch, the most valuable part is the movement that carries life, but Aibo is willing to share it with others. This is also Xiaobian's understanding of "Happy Window": I am very happy to see you, I am willing to open a window for you and share with you the most replica watches precious things in my "heart". This kind of mind is a precious gift, trust and friendship are in the words, very consistent with the love of the treasure to cherish the love of tonality.